Thursday, March 11, 2010

Double truck

Countless times throughout the day I think, "I wish I could share this with Steve." Kids, politics, a funny line in a television show (like "Flyza Minnelli" from last night's Modern Family), a song, the fact that the trees are starting to bloom, a fond memory. If I'm near my computer, I might type a quick note about it -- I'm afraid that one day I'll forget all these dear details.

Today I laughed out loud at one of those Steve moments.

First, some background.

1. Steve cracked himself up. He would get so tickled with his own jokes.

2. He was very tolerant being around journalists -- handy when you're married to a journalist with a bunch of journalist friends.

3. A double truck is a term for facing pages in a newspaper or magazine with content spread over both pages.

4. He had what he thought was a surefire way of endearing himself to journalists, especially at parties. "Just mention the word double truck, and you're in," he'd say. This would always make him laugh.

5. There's a relatively new Twitter contributor called FakeAPStylebook. The folks behind the user name post tweets that skewer the real AP Stylebook and other journalism truisms.

One of today's tweets (sorry for the language):
double truck - A big-ass picture of two sweet semis! HONK HONK

Steve would have loved that definition. He would have laughed until he could barely breathe.

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