Friday, December 28, 2007


I've dreaded typing this post. Writing this for you all to read makes it too real.

Dr. C, her residents and an RN came to the room this afternoon to tell us that the MR spectroscopy results show that the lesion is a tumor.

The neuro team wants to keep Steve admitted for now.

We expect the neuro-oncologist to come by sometime Saturday, Sunday or Monday. She will have studied his case and will start laying out a plan as best she can.

The neurosurgeon who specializes in deep brain cases has reviewed Steve's films and says he can biopsy the area (tentatively scheduled for Jan. 2 or 3). Getting a tissue sample will better define what kind of tumor it is and help determine the best course of treatment.

In general, the treatment would be radiation and chemotherapy. I don't know more details. And the neuro-oncologist requested that we not use the Internet to get more information. I am going to do my best to follow that advice. We are focused now on fighting this awful thing and getting Steve back to 100% health. In my mind, there is no other option, and I'm not interested in reading the statistics. I welcome the success stories and positive outcomes.

We have asked Ray, one of Steve's co-workers, to pull together information on the centers that can best treat this tumor. We may stay here, of course, but we don't want to miss the best option.

Steve's parents are with him now. I left this afternoon to pick up Cooper & Katie, bring them home and have a somewhat routine night. Jim & Betty will stay with him until Will arrives after his late shift at the News. Will will stay until morning, when more reinforcements arrive.

Cooper & Katie will be with dear friends this weekend and back with Jim & Betty next week.

When Cooper learned that his Daddy wouldn't be coming home from the hospital today, he cried and said, "It's not fair." He's right.


Sweet Whimsy said...

I'm so sorry that Steve has to go through this. He looked and sounded almost like his old self today when we saw him at the hospital, so it's a shock to hear the news. Although we are far away from you right now, please know we are praying for you all and can be there at a moment's notice if you need us. Love, Melissa & Dylan

Douglas said...

Carol and I are just sick at this sad turn of events. We are praying for some good news or even a good plan from the medical team on fighting this tumor. Please holler if we can be of any help.

Doug & Carol

Anonymous said...

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you guys. We are here for you, and will do anything we can to help. May you feel the loving, healing touch of your creator and know that you are loved.

Jon, Heather & Preston Hinton

Karen said...

I have an amazing but true story for you. A friend of ours, a lawyer, was diagnosed with just such a tumor in 2006. He was told to go home, get his affairs in order and prepare to die by October (less than 2 months away). He decided he was NOT READY to do that...loves and adores his wife and children. So, off he went to MD Anderson, insisting on radiation and chemo. Fast forward to date, 2 years later and still kicking...well! He has follow up chemo therapy every so often but he still goes to work, leads a healthy life with his adoring family and even works. So there! 2 months to die vs. 2 YEARS and still LIVING! He swears his Faith, family's love and strength and total state of mind/WILL TO LIVE has EVERYTHING to do with his healing! The Dr.'s are still perplexed.

You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Keep the positive energy all around works! Love, Lanning & Karen Jones (Rich's brother and sister-in-law...Ami's soul sister!)