Monday, December 17, 2007

Zale Lipshy on Tuesday

Steve just heard from the RN who's been helping him at UT-SW. He'll be admitted Tuesday morning at Zale Lipshy Hospital in Dallas for diagnostic tests. We think he'll be there for two days but aren't sure of that yet.

My Aunt Ami and her older daughter, Sasha, were in town this weekend to visit one of Sasha's friends. They extended their stay past the weekend and are now at our house taking good care of us. So Cooper & Katie will be able to sleep in their own beds and continue a mostly normal routine while Steve & I are at the hospital. How perfect!

In fact, yesterday I told Cooper that Steve would be going to the hospital for a couple of days. He said he was sad about that. Then I told him that Ami and Sasha would be here and that two amazing Bledsoe moms would take him to and from school while we were gone. He brightened immediately and said, "This is going to be the best week ever!"


The Locke Family said...

Tyra and Steve - Denna sent me your blog info. I am so sorry to hear that you guys are going through this. You will be placed among the top of my prayer list. All things are possible with God and just remember that He doesn't give us anything that we can't handle. Please let me know if there is EVER anything you need.

In His Grace,
Stephanie Locke

Laura said...

How wonderful to have such caring family to help! You all are so loved. Give Katie and Cooper a big hug from us, as I'm sure they are experiencing many emotions they don't understand at this point. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.