Sunday, December 30, 2007

Great spirits

Steve's temporary home was a joy-filled place to be the past 32 hours or so. He is handling Friday's news remarkably well, no doubt bolstered by the support, prayers and good wishes from you all. Just about every nurse and tech remarks on Steve's awesome support network, and they witness only a fraction of your love.

Thank you to:
  • Jim & Betty's pastor, David, and his wife, who visited Friday.
  • Mary MT, who delivered a home-cooked dinner and served Steve with china, linen and silver.
  • Jim & Betty for sitting with Steve while I spent time with Katie & Cooper.
  • Will, who spent the night here in my absence and kept Steve laughing until 3 a.m.
  • Lori, who arrived in time for Will to go home, took charge of notes and questions, room changes and lunch.
  • Meghan & Jeff, who spent Saturday morning with Steve and helped with the room move.
  • Al & Nancy, who visited Saturday.
  • Debbie, our music minister, who visited Saturday and led a beautiful prayer.
  • Uncle Jim, who flew in from Houston for the third time in three weeks, helped Jim with a project at our house and connected our little DVD player to the TV in Steve's room. (And thanks to Layne for the cables.)
  • Mel & Greg, who were here twice in two days, bringing our nieces Brooke & Molli for a fun Saturday afternoon/evening visit, more art for Steve's growing gallery of cheer and a new backgammon set.
  • Mike & Berta, who visited Saturday afternoon, bearing a huge basket designed to make us feel more at home and leading us in prayer.
  • Wendy, who delivered homemade comfort food, including a pecan pie, Steve's favorite dessert.
  • Everyone who has called, sent notes or shared stories of great hope and miracles.
On the homefront:
  • Andy, Julie & Adam, who have grown from a family of three to a family of five for the weekend, taking care of Katie & Cooper and all other kinds of household needs.
  • Amy & Justin, who fulfilled Cooper's request for a burger and chocolate shake Friday night, helped me pack for these next few days, washed clothes, walked Margie and kept me company.
  • Meghan & Denna, who gave up their Friday night to help me prepare for the week.
  • Justin H, who continues to take care of Margie.
  • Allison, who filled my car with gas and ran errands Friday night.


Anonymous said...

Please know that I am thinking of you guys! Tell Steve that I especially thought of him today as I took my second trip in 24 hours to Walgreens (in Ohio none the less) When I get back to Dallas, I will be more then happy to take daily Walgreens requests from him! XXOO Kerri

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, Tyra and family. I heard about your Steve's condidtion from my mother-in-law, Ann Franzke, a member of the WTW mom's lunch bunch and Will gave me this link. I just want you to know that we are thinking of you during this challenging time. You are in our prayers. Meghan (Sanders), Bob and Riley Franzke