Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another possibility

The attending neurologist (who ordered the steroids) just came by while Steve was asleep. We stepped outside so she could review the current situation.

Steve is now completely under neurology (instead of neurosurgery, as there's no surgery case right now).

The CT scan did show two small areas, one that needs to be investigated, one of no concern, apparently. They're not worried about a small cyst they found in one of his kidneys. Neurology is consulting pulmonology on a 5-mm opacity in the upper quadrant of one of his lungs. (I didn't have my notebook, so I didn't write down which lung.)

Pulmonology may order additional tests while Steve is here. They'll be looking for something called sarcoidosis, which is inflammation of clusters of cells in various parts of the body -- most commonly lungs and lymph nodes. It less frequently affects other parts of the body, including the brain. It's often treatable with prednisone. As with MS, when I read about sarcoidosis online, it doesn't seem to match Steve, but I'm not a doctor! I'm pleased that they seem to be pursuing every significant clue that may solve the mystery of the angry invader.

Steve has had very little sleep since we arrived Tuesday morning, a problem exacerbated by the steroids. His speech is markedly more slurred, and he's repeating himself often. He's already a sweet, sensitive sort, and right now he is super emotional. I've let the neurologist and RN know, and they asked me to keep track of the symptoms.

Medical recap:
1. Neurology, not neurosurgery, is now the lead.
2. The CT scan indicated a small spot on his lung that may require further investigation.
3. The steroids seem to be affecting his behavior and mood -- not out of the ordinary from what I've gathered.

The rest of the day so far:
1. Our minister, Don, visited and brought a prayer shawl, rubbing cross and hand-folded origami peace swan.
2. Other visitors included Betty, bearing slippers and new PJs; Lori, with beautiful flowers; Wendy from Steve's work, with fun conversation; and David, one of Steve's fraternity brothers from Michigan who also works for Children's (and Scottish Rite) and has been a trusted resource during this process.
3. Katie performed in her preschool's Christmas musical this morning. She was so animated and happy.
4. Cooper was thrilled to come home from school to find Aunt Mel, Brooke & Molli visiting.
5. My dinner tonight will be delivered by Sharon. (Dinner at home will be delivered by Amy -- those bunco girls have been taking care of the Frisco branch of the Damm family all week.)

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Jennifer said...


Hello this is Jennifer at PFC in Carrollton, the docs and I wanted to make sure that Steve was okay to receive visitors tomorrow. Please let me know.

Thank you.