Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The RN who works with the neurosurgeons stopped by to tell us about Steve's upcoming adventures.

He's just left and returned from a CT scan. Those results should be read and available later today.

The lumbar puncture will be performed in his room by a neurologist sometime this afternoon. It will take a couple or few weeks to get all the results from the studies they'll do.

Tomorrow he'll head to another building for a formal visual field exam.

We may be able to go home tomorrow.

His room is filled with a cheerful, talkative group right now -- four of his friends from Children's, his mom and me.


Linda Swift said...

Today I talked to another friend, who told me her son has a brain tumor and will have surgery January 8. She said they chose UT Southwestern because it has such a great neurosurgery department (I believe she said their doctor's name is Bruce Mickey). I think you have made the best choice.
Hugs to you both, Linda

Ricki said...

Tyra and Stephen-Keeping you all in my prayers and having faith that all will go well in the weeks to come. If love is the power that truly heals then you are surrounded by a super force for sure since I can feel the love coming off these pages for you.
Have you wrapped around my heart.
Ricki Goude