Friday, December 21, 2007


Steve is napping for the second time today -- yay! His dad, Jim, who has been out of town for work this week, sat with him in cozy Room 530 this morning while I was at home and at Cooper's winter party.

Steve's loopiness (he says he feels like he's at happy hour) is slightly less loopy today. His head pain is worse, though, and radiating down his neck. We hope it's just the steroids causing the extra pain. This strong dose apparently can do strange things to the body.

He received a shot of blood thinner in his stomach. Doesn't that sound awful? He says it didn't hurt. The blood thinner is a precautionary measure against blood clots for patients who are spending a lot of time in bed.

Jim walked him around the floor this morning, and the two of us walked around again this afternoon. I'd like to get him out in the sunshine soon. We can open the window here a bit for fresh air. His view includes some parking garages, UT-SW's Seay building and stretches of North Dallas. Depending on the direction of the wind, we can see jets leaving or landing at Love Field.

Neurology has ordered an MRI of his spine. That should happen today. I don't know what they're looking for. We're still waiting for the pulmonology consult to address the small opacity from the CT scan.

Visitors today included Lori and Ray with chocolates, Sarah with lunch and Ami and Sasha on their way back to Austin. We apparently missed a visit from Chris, another fraternity brother from Michigan who now lives in Dallas (Steve was sleeping). Allison visited last night with yet another thoughtful care package. (I really need a separate post to fill you all in on the creative, helpful ideas that we've discovered from Steve's support network.)

The room is filling with flowers and plants. We need more shelving units to accommodate the growing floral and food deliveries (all so appreciated), linens, clothes and electronic devices.

Jim and Betty are bringing Cooper and Katie up for a visit tonight. (Pizza provided by the Smith family.) They are so looking forward to seeing their daddy!


Anonymous said...

We are all praying for Steve. Jamie and Kelly call me daily for updates. Thank God for your blog.

CooperDsUncle said...

Hey Steve and Tyra, I look forward to seeing y'all tomorrow! Sleep well tonight!

Uncle Jim