Friday, December 14, 2007


The M.D. Anderson staff looked at Steve's scans and said they want to see him. (We were certainly hoping they wouldn't want to see him because that would have meant they didn't see a tumor or the possibility of a tumor. But they did see enough on the scans to warrant their time.) He has an appointment with a neuro-oncologist on Monday and a neurosurgeon on Wednesday. Tuesday would be used for testing.

At the same time, UT-Southwestern called to say they can admit Steve Monday or Tuesday for diagnostic testing.

Obviously, he can't be in both places at once. We need to choose one system for the diagnosis and follow one system's plan and protocol. We have made lists of pros and cons. We have asked a number of people who we trust for their professional and personal opinions. We still aren't sure of what is best for Steve.

Steve did go to work today and had a great day. Getting back into a routine is helpful.

We'll update again when we know what we're doing.

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