Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Settling in

Now it looks like Steve will be here a bit longer. The neurologists are ordering an MR spectroscopy of the brain. This sort of imaging can detect more precise cellular abnormalities than an MRI.

The resident said the testing would keep him here two, three or four days. I think I was so taken aback by that that I didn't think to ask if the length of time is for the actual testing or if it will take that long to get the test scheduled. I've searched online to learn more about the test and quizzed the RN, but neither method has given me the answer. So, if any of you out there have experience with MR spectroscopy, please let us know! In the meantime, I'll keep trying to decipher medical journal articles.

The nausea is still at bay, though he wasn't able to eat much for lunch. He's on a new pain medicine that makes him feel foggy but doesn't get rid of the pain, so he may request to get back on the old one that didn't have quite the fog effect but did dull the pain a little better.

Katie and Cooper are enjoying the company of Grandma and Papa and their new Christmas toys. Favorites include a whole litter of new Webkinz, a pink princess gown with matching conical, Little People airport, a new Leapster cartridge and a marble labyrinth.

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Laura@PwC said...

I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of all of you. Hopefully Steve will feel better and you'll get some answers soon. Dealing with the unknown is always a challenge, but from what I'm reading, you're a family that's more than up to a challenge. Take care.