Wednesday, November 5, 2014

46 Acts of Kindness (13)

From Dean in Sulphur Springs:

This morning I went to Coffee Off the Square here in Sulphur Springs to remember my friend Steve on his birthday. I ordered my Americano and laid the flyer for today's event and $60 cash on the counter. I told the barista that it was Steve's birthday, a little of his story, and how we were going to celebrate his memory today. She started to tear up and promised to share his story with everyone who came in as the money was applied to their bill in his memory.
Thanks again, Tyra, for allowing me to honor Steve and his life and legacy. Blessings to you, Cooper, and Katie.


From Melissa in Helotes:

Carys and I went to Target and picked out PJs, craft supplies, small toys, snacks, party favors, etc. to fill Birthday Bags in Steve's honor for the Fairweather Family Lodge.  

"FFL is a home that assists homeless women suffering with mental illness and their children. It serves as a place that nurtures development and provides a safe environment for these families to stabilize, grow, and remain together." 

Each month, FFL hosts a birthday party honoring any child with a birthday. Every child receives a goody bag at the party and the birthday child is given a few small presents. This is the 2nd year we've done this as our RAK, and this year Carys decided that every gift bag should be uniquely decorated, no two are alike!  We have enough goodies for about a dozen and a half bags that will be delivered tomorrow. 

Steve's face in Heaven must be sore from smiling all day today. :)


From Nicole in Frisco:

Tonight we went out to eat and bought dinner for a sweet elderly couple. We had the waitress bring the card over to them. They came to our table and thanked and hugged us. The woman was teary and said no one has ever done anything like that for them before. Made our night. Then I bought 2 guys beers at the Stars game. They were thrilled.


From Angela in Frisco:

Today I gave a special note and gift to my sons preschool teachers that work so hard with my feisty little guy, and do it with such a kind heart!! I am so grateful for Ms Dawna and Ms Joanna at Apple Creek and for the most amazing director, Karen! Thank you for everything!


From Christina in Frisco:

We purchased food gift bags at Kroger in Steve's honor and stapled the flyer to the bags. Thinking of you, neighbors! ❤️


From Nancy:

I spent yesterday remembering Steve just a little more than usual. His smile and kindness sparkled me through the day as I smiled and greeted the many boat workers here at LMC who get ignored by so many. Their faces told me they were surprised that I spoke but they quickly smiled and responded with hello. For the overworked clerks at Winn Dixie I gave special thank yous for their help. So easy to be kind. Thank you Steve.


From Liz in Frisco:

Liam was excited to bless his sweet bus driver Miss Catherine in honor of Steve. We thanked her for bringing all of the students from Hosp, Pioneer and Frisco High to and from school safely each day. Happy birthday Steve!


From Ron in Chicago:

7 sport coats, 4 suits, 12 dress shirts, 6 pairs of shoes hauled down to the neighborhood food pantry. They have a room where folks picking up food can also get an item or two of clothing. Donations that can be worn to a job interview make everyone especially giddy :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

46 Acts of Kindness (12)

Some kind folks gave our family gifts -- totally unexpected and totally appreciated.

Gaya painted this lovely sign for our home.

An anonymous friend from Hosp left roses on my desk.

Tim and cutie-pie son Drew gave all three of us gift cards.

Plus the front office at Hosp turned into a breakfast buffet, with pastries and coffee.


Cyndi in Frisco made a donation in Steve's memory to Operation Once in a Lifetime.


From Theresa in Carrollton:

Remembered Steve today and shared an act of kindness with my co-workers - lunch for all from Jimmy Johns.


From Brad in Missouri City:

Just dropped off a couple dozen donuts and kolaches to the Missouri City Police Department, and a couple dozen to the Missouri City Fire Department. Miss you Steve!


From the traveling Garrett:

Picked up the tab tonight at dinner.


From Jennifer in Plano:

Paying it forward at Chick fil A this morning. (And my order was wrong and I smiled anyway.)


From Tamarah in Frisco:

I purchased two of these shirts in honor of my former boot camp friend, Kara, who is fighting Ovarian cancer. One of the shirts will go to another friend who is an Ovarian cancer survivor.

From Parul in Carrollton:

Coffee for my coworkers for Steve's birthday!


From a friend in Frisco:

Today I drove to Plano to give a dress/costume to friend's daughter, which she needed for a performance on Saturday. I donated a book and gave chew toys to my neighbor/friend who recently rescued a dog from a shelter. I got Starbucks cards for my special husband, and also for a cross guard at our school, which I'm going to give him tomorrow morning.
My daughter gave some friendship bracelets to some of her friends.


From Amy in Dallas:

I voted for myself, and my muppers. But the do(ugh)nuts were for the volunteers, in celebration of Steve's 46th.


From Traci in Frisco:

I love this day! 46 Acts of Kindness!! Banana bread for all of Ashlee's teachers.


From Patty:

Donated a 2 year subscription of Zoobooks to Vogel Alcove Children's Center in Dallas. They teach and take care of homeless children. 


From Shubha in Frisco:

I just made another donation to one of my childhood friend's organization that helps underprivileged kids by buying them school supplies in India.

46 Acts of Kindness (11)

Some of today's Acts of Kindness from Cooper, Katie and Tyra:

Cooper labeled and packaged cookies for the 25 students in his GT language arts class, plus his amazing teacher, Vikki Bowling.

Katie wrote and illustrated notes for every student in our class, plus lots of teachers and administrators.

She gave pencils to everyone in her GT class, plus an extra three to Mrs. Starnes "because she was running low."

I gave energy bars to fellow teachers. We always need a little extra energy. =)

Cooper and Katie walked through our Kroger and gave Sonic gift cards to six strangers.

Drove through Starbucks without ordering -- just paid for the car behind us. (Always feels slightly mischievous in a good way.)


From Kerri in Chicago:

A very unsuspecting man at Starbucks got a pay it forward in honor of Steve. I think he was a bit confused, but the barista very happily explained.

Also, Randy, my 'friend' who lives on the streets near my train stop and has been trying really hard to get things in order this year had a burrito dinner in honor of Steve. Randy had the same burrito dinner last year on this day, and like fate I bumped into him on my way home tonight. He asked me to pray for him for the first time tonight since I met him 1.7 years ago. I will pray that next year on this day, he won't need an act of kindness to get a meal, but will have gotten back on his feet.


From Janet in Frisco:

Katie and I paid for the car behind us at McDonald's. :)


From Julie in Sanger:

I made a donation to MD Anderson to honor Steve - in the area of patient assistance. Acts of Kindness is such a wonderful legacy. What a blessing for so many people! :)


From Aunt Marilyn in Charlottesville, Va.:

In memory of my nephew Steve Damm, I took a neighbor who doesn't drive to the polls to vote, and later I took over cleaning the office bathroom for my office mate who needs a hip replacement and is having a lot of trouble moving. Happy Birthday Steve - we love and miss you!


From Laura in Edmond, Okla.:

Made a donation via to an elementary class in Oklahoma that is raising funds to purchase much-needed sports equipment. Shoutout to Hogan Thomas, whose own act of kindness kickstarted this effort. Kids need to play!


From Ann in Frisco:

Made a donation to MD Anderson in honor of Steve.


From Melissa in Cupertino, Calif.:

Let my friend have my car for 3 days while his is getting fixed.

Paid for an Uber to get an injured man to medical care.


From Raechel in Frisco:

Paid for the people behind us in line at Starbucks and left them a "Steve Card". I'm sure they appreciated it on this cold and rainy night. Happy Birthday Steve!


From Nicole in White Rock, B.C.

Gracie pushed the recycle bin up the driveway of our elderly neighbors. We put the note poking out of it.

46 Acts of Kindness (10)

From Denise in Colorado Springs:

Today we honored an amazing woman whom volunteers endless hours to her community and never wants recognizing. She struggles financially and will now get some pampering for herself at a local spa! Spreading some Damm love in Colorado!!!


From Anna in Frisco/Lewisville:

I paid for a family's meal at Pie Five in honor of Steve :)


From Laura in Frisco:

Will just gave his OT a cupcake. He loves his best friend Coop!


From John in Richardson:

This one goes out to all the kits and pups at Take Me Home Pet Rescue. The volunteers there do great work to give some of the saddest cases a shot at happy new lives. We're glad to help out in Steve's honor.


From Rae in Carrollton:

I just wanted to tell you I called and set up a lunch date today with Senior from church for next week!  Been wanting  to get together with Pearl forever and Acts of Kindness motivated me on this rainy day!!! 


From Tisha in Frisco:

Bought Starbucks on this cold day for car in line in Oklahoma today!


From Rachel in Frisco:

Today my daughter's school was collecting money to donate to a school they have adopted. We donated extra money in honor of Steve.


From Aunt Melane in Anna:

I made "Emergency" Goodie Bags for the administration office staff. I filled them with ibuprofen,Tide pens, nail files. Altoids, bandaids, lotion and KAZOOS. Maybe one day, all of the administrators will get together and play some kazoo music (Steve would approve).  

And from her Facebook page:


From Swati in Houston:

I donated to Community Connections for their Christmas gift drive, in honor of Steve who I feel so lucky to have known. 


From Melinda in Frisco:

I was in Wal-Mart, and this elderly couple was going crazy looking for wax paper. They finally found an employee who told them they didn't have any. I found that odd, and sure enough, I found it, far away from where it should be. I (finally) found the couple and showed them where it was. It was such a little thing, but they were so happy.

Baked cookies for cup-de-sac peeps thanking them for being such great neighbors.

Got hand sanitizer to place at some of the dog walking stations (postponed due to rain, but hopefully will be out tomorrow:)


From Kristy in Frisco:

Hanna-Mary surprised her awesome swim coach, Katy, with a Smoothie King gift card. This is one of my favorite days of the year. Thank you Katie, Cooper and Tyra for modeling how to always "make lemonade out of lemons." Happy Birthday Steve!


From Stacey in Charlotte, N.C.:

Meg and I made donations to the Autism Society and Austin Pets Alive!, respectively, in celebration of Steve's life.

46 Acts of Kindness (9)

From Christie in Frisco:

I brought a sick friend and her husband dinner and helped put a smile on her face :)


From Marcy in Frisco:

We gave clothes, toys, a baby swing and stroller to a new mom and a grandmother that is taking care of her granddaughter. We also made a donation to St. Jude. Happy birthday to Steve. Hugs to you, Coop and KT. 


From Linda in Plano:

My son bought ice cream for a friend at school (with his own money). I bought hot chocolate for the unsuspecting high school student behind me on the line at Starbucks. Thanks for initiating this wonderful tradition.


From Molli in Anna:

Molli baked brownies for our new next door neighbors. She took them over before school this morning and shared her Uncle Steve's story with them. 


From Pam in Frisco:

Dylan baked cookies for her favorite teacher.


From Greg in Anna:

Greg is on shift today, so Firefighter Greg Bear is stading in his place for the picture. The real Greg wrote sweet notes and gave gift cards to 2 sweet sisters and fellow bus drivers that recently lost their father. 


From Jamie in Frisco:

Delivered to each of the four floors at FISD Admin building breakfast items to enjoy (scones, cinnamon rolls, and pumpkin bread).


From Karen in Carrollton:

Paid for the 2 cars behind me in the drive thru today! God Bless Steve Damm!


From Shubha in Frisco:

Thank you for including me in this noble cause. I have made a donation towards MD Anderson Cancer Research. You and your family is in my prayers and you are a big source of inspiration to me. I have never met Steve but you have made him eternal. I know he is very proud of you and your beautiful kids. God bless.


From Cyndi in Carrollton:

Today I brought a plate of cookies to the wonderful CCAs that make my job so much easier at Children's. 


From Jana in Frisco:

I love this day!!  I left a $25 gift card at Kroger for cashier to chose a person to use for and then I got to share/explain with the cashiers/managers :)