Tuesday, November 4, 2014

46 Acts of Kindness (2)

From Kelli in Frisco:

We sent a gift card to a single mom of 2 who is currently out of work. Happy Birthday Steve!


From Kathy in Frisco:

At Scottish Rite to thank the nurses for all they do for their patients!


From Phil in Frisco:

Kindness is for kids too! Our kids participated in 46 acts of kindness today to celebrate our family friend Steve Damm's 46th birthday. Our sweet Halle told us this morning that she was going to spend time with and play with a girl in her school that usually is all by herself. When Halle asked her if she could spend time with her today, the girl replied "I didn't expect anyone to ask me that today!"


From Lisa in Frisco:

Paid off someone's layaway balance in honor of Steve Damm.


From Uncle Jim in DC/Virginia:

Handing out some $5 Gift Cards at Chick-Fil-A. DC folks sometimes give you some strange looks when you give them something without asking for anything in return. (I wish there were drive thru windows around to make it a little easier to be sneaky!)


From Heather in Allen:

Treated 2 of my favorite 10 year old boys to slushies at Sonic after school. Tipped the carhop generously and loved the look on his face and the BIG thank you as he walked away reading the card about Steve. Priceless. Happy Birthday Steve. Love you guys Tyra, Cooper and Katie!


From Angie in San Diego:

So this is maybe a sort of unconventional act of kindness, but something really meaningful to me. I've been struggling lately with overwhelming sadness and anxiety that has been pretty paralyzing. It has been a struggle to just keep up with usual chores. Well, today I woke up with unusual energy and am cleaning and organizing my house. It is an act of kindness toward myself and one that I really need right now. I find that my physical environment is a reflection of my internal state of mind and today I am able to take steps to a feeling of well being. I am so grateful for this. Happy birthday, sweet Steve Damm .I have a feeling both you and my Dad are together and shining down on the world and spreading love everywhere, I can feel it.


From Liz in Frisco:

Plate of pumpkin scones for the front office.

Sonic for school office receptionist.

Large tip at Sonic and TruFire.

Baylen gave a Starbucks gift card to a janitor at Frisco High School.

Lunch for the BEST 4th grade teacher in Texas.


From Shari in Lucas:

My favorite day! We did 4 small acts of kindness in honor of Steve today! Big tip, cookies for Allen's finest and 2 pay it forward at Starbucks drive thru. 

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