Tuesday, November 4, 2014

46 Acts of Kindness (11)

Some of today's Acts of Kindness from Cooper, Katie and Tyra:

Cooper labeled and packaged cookies for the 25 students in his GT language arts class, plus his amazing teacher, Vikki Bowling.

Katie wrote and illustrated notes for every student in our class, plus lots of teachers and administrators.

She gave pencils to everyone in her GT class, plus an extra three to Mrs. Starnes "because she was running low."

I gave energy bars to fellow teachers. We always need a little extra energy. =)

Cooper and Katie walked through our Kroger and gave Sonic gift cards to six strangers.

Drove through Starbucks without ordering -- just paid for the car behind us. (Always feels slightly mischievous in a good way.)


From Kerri in Chicago:

A very unsuspecting man at Starbucks got a pay it forward in honor of Steve. I think he was a bit confused, but the barista very happily explained.

Also, Randy, my 'friend' who lives on the streets near my train stop and has been trying really hard to get things in order this year had a burrito dinner in honor of Steve. Randy had the same burrito dinner last year on this day, and like fate I bumped into him on my way home tonight. He asked me to pray for him for the first time tonight since I met him 1.7 years ago. I will pray that next year on this day, he won't need an act of kindness to get a meal, but will have gotten back on his feet.


From Janet in Frisco:

Katie and I paid for the car behind us at McDonald's. :)


From Julie in Sanger:

I made a donation to MD Anderson to honor Steve - in the area of patient assistance. Acts of Kindness is such a wonderful legacy. What a blessing for so many people! :)


From Aunt Marilyn in Charlottesville, Va.:

In memory of my nephew Steve Damm, I took a neighbor who doesn't drive to the polls to vote, and later I took over cleaning the office bathroom for my office mate who needs a hip replacement and is having a lot of trouble moving. Happy Birthday Steve - we love and miss you!


From Laura in Edmond, Okla.:

Made a donation via donorschoose.org to an elementary class in Oklahoma that is raising funds to purchase much-needed sports equipment. Shoutout to Hogan Thomas, whose own act of kindness kickstarted this effort. Kids need to play!


From Ann in Frisco:

Made a donation to MD Anderson in honor of Steve.


From Melissa in Cupertino, Calif.:

Let my friend have my car for 3 days while his is getting fixed.

Paid for an Uber to get an injured man to medical care.


From Raechel in Frisco:

Paid for the people behind us in line at Starbucks and left them a "Steve Card". I'm sure they appreciated it on this cold and rainy night. Happy Birthday Steve!


From Nicole in White Rock, B.C.

Gracie pushed the recycle bin up the driveway of our elderly neighbors. We put the note poking out of it.

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