Tuesday, November 4, 2014

46 Acts of Kindness (8)

From Aunt Melane in Anna:

Like Steve, Coach Hoot Jones (Brooke's Cross Country coach) is one of those magnetic people. He is always so positive. He is generous, encouraging and just so genuine. We got him and his sweet wife a gift card to Outback Steakhouse. I was really bummed today when I realized that I ran out of time to take it to him today. And then... I was the last one to leave admin today and as I was getting in my car. Guess who pulled up right next to my car and needed someone to let him in the admin building? The one and only Coach Jones. Happy 46th Birthday, Sweet Steve!


From Christy in Anna:

Sending it across the globe to a missionary in Cambodia! Steve's legacy continues to impact and change my life & my family!


From Suzy in Carrollton:

I took my daughter clothes shopping after school and just spent time with her, which is something we never get to do during our very busy school/work week. On the the way home we stopped to get Chinese food takeout for daddy. While we were waiting we went down to visit our old dance studio friends and staff members. We spent about 15 minutes catching up, giving hugs, it was so good to see everyone; they are like family to us... We stopped taking there this year when Julianna pursued singing at CCGD. As a mother it just felt so good to give my time to my family, and do something special for them before I leave to go out of town, as well as visit old friends.


From Minda in Lewisville:

My contribution to the 46 Acts of Kindness stayed close to home today. I helped my father-in-law shop and make dinner for everyone and I drove Rachel to the university to make her deposit for school. But spending time with family is a kindness I haven't always been able to do, so I'm very happy to have been able to honor Steve in that way.


From Diana in Frisco:

Bought Starbucks for the person behind me! I think Starbucks is getting a lot of that today in honor of Steve!


From Don in Denton:

Gave full sized bed and frame to impoverished family (so child would have bed to sleep in).


From Leslie in Frisco:

What's better than exercising your right to vote? Making other people's day while doing it! Took the election volunteers cookies in honor Steve Damm.


From Kathy in Carrollton:

I passed out Jimmy John gift cards to the cashier at Sprouts and to the man behind me in line at Sprouts, who was surprised that I also paid for his milk.  He said Steve must have been a wonderful person for us to be doing this in memory of Steve.   I confirmed that he was right.


From Katie in Frisco:

The Foxes enjoyed participating today! David gave 100 of his reward tickets away to several classmates, Rebecca gave a little girl in her class a "Wow Buck" and Grayson helped me make dinner for Ms. Damm (her teacher) and family so they could relax and enjoy reading all of these wonderful things in honor of Steve! We also donated a surprise gift card to a friend.

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