Tuesday, November 4, 2014

46 Acts of Kindness (1)

From Stephanie in Shanghai, China:

I'm 14 hours ahead of you so it's already November 4th where I am in Shanghai, China.  Today my kids surprised their teachers with flowers.  And we wanted to let you, Cooper and Katie know that we are thinking about Steve all the way in China!  :)


From Nancy in Frisco:

We look forward to celebrating Steve's birthday each year now with your family!  This year it has been a especially meaningful as we have been helping some of our dear high school friends.  He has a glioblastoma and isn't doing very well.  I was with them in May when they found out and with them Thursday when they made decisions about whether he would continue chemo.   

I can't tell you how many times I have thought of Steve and your family during this journey with our friends.  When we saw Dr. Pan on Thursday, I remembered as we entered the Seay building how you said Steve liked the Chuhily sculpture there and I just stopped there and thought of your sweet family.  We will continue to be there for them.  Thanks for the yearly reminder to help or just be nice to others. We feel so humbled by this sweet couple. 


From Katrina in Oslo, Norway

I started in prayer at the cathedral in downtown Oslo. There I lit a candle for Steve and for you, Cooper and Katie. I put a donation, wrapped in the Acts of Kindness note, in the donation box. 

Then I walked up the main street with my pocket full of change. I dropped money into cups, hands and music cases.

I made my way to the bookstore, where on Saturday, a lovely young lady helped me, Jakob and Eva find some things we were looking for. I brought a thank you note, a gift card and the Acts of Kindness note to her.

I then stopped to warm up with a cup of coffee and I'm sure the barista was passing on Steve's love. 


From Padmini in Frisco:

I was moved to read about your family. I cannot begin to tell you how much I admire the way you are honoring your husbands special day. I am glad i got to do a lil part in it.

I went to a donuts place and paid for 10 people to have free donuts and left them your calling cards. I got John our crossing guard at school some coffee and i bought a extra poncho for anyone who forgot their umbrella. Invariably it ended up with our mutual friend Jennifer Kiley Keating and she said she could sense it was for Steve.

Aniruddh has donated his pocket money to a food bank who said they would feed 100 families with money we sent in. We requested this in honor of Steve, and I would like to thank him and you for this opportunity to do a  kind deed.

It feels strange listing down small things we did … but I thought you might use it for bigger picture.

You are an amazing mom. Much love to Katie and Cooper. 


From Amy in Little Elm:

I left an envelope of money for a single mom of 3 who lives in my old apartment complex. She's so deserving. I love this! Reading all the posts brings tears to my eyes. Happy Birthday Steve!


From Leslie in Frisco:

Was at Kroger picking up cookies to take to the voting poll for the volunteers and stopped at the Starbucks there to pay for a woman's latte. She was so touched that she said she was going to pay for someone else's drink. Thank you Tyra Damm for helping us live out Steve's legacy. What a wonderful reminder of how we should act each day.


From Jennifer in Frisco:

I was blessed to be on both the giving and receiving end of 46 Acts of Kindness :) A friend saw I had forgotten my umbrella when I picked up my boys in the rain and gave me a rain poncho (with Texas A&M logos all over it) :)

I bought a gift card to Dunkin' Donuts and left it for our mail carrier.


From Suzanne in Frisco:

I worked with a family at Clothe A Child a few weeks ago. One of the children wanted a coat more than the clothes his mother got for him with the $100. I delivered the coat today to his mother who works for Frisco ISD.


From Julianne in Frisco:

My 2 youngest took flowers and Sonic cards to their sweet teachers and my older two took Sonic cards, homemade cookies and hand written notes of appreciation to some of their favorite middle school teachers in memory of Steve and in honor of Tyra, who is one AWESOME teacher!

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