Tuesday, November 4, 2014

46 Acts of Kindness (5)

From Shawna in Dallas:

I baked some goodies for the young people who participate in CitySquare's TRAC program. It provides training and assistance for young people who have aged out of the foster care system.http://www.citysquare.org/programs/hope/trac/


From Aunt Ami in Austin:

To celebrate and honor sweet Steve:

I made two double batches of my pumpkin bread and mailed them off to Tara to share with her fellow studio members and friends at SCAD. Tara and her fellow students are working hard and barely sleep and are working on their thesis deadlines.

I got up at 4:45AM this morning and made a big pot of my baked potato soup and brought it in to share with our office staff today for lunch. Made enough we can feed them all again tomorrow also.

I will keep looking for opportunities to spread kindness in honor of our beloved Steve throughout today and the month to follow.


From Yvonne in Frisco:

I've taken care of someone's shopping for them this morning and also bought the team at the office Starbucks in honor of Steve. xoxo


From Rose in Los Angeles:

I am at LAX on our way back home and I gave the woman who cleans the restroom my thanks for a good job and a significant gift and she gave me a hug and a kiss and said how much it will make a difference in her life andI told her it is in memory of Steve who made such a difference in our lives. We both cried. Your annual acts of kindness touches so many lives. Thank you. Love you and your family.


From Tammy in Frisco:

Brought a caramel brûlée latte to our fabulous PHMS secretary Nancy Fulton! She said knows Cooper from our school, but she had no idea that the 46 Acts of Kindness was in honor of his dad; she plans to share it with the Pioneer staff today!


From Jen in Frisco:

Just paid for 9 people to have lunch thanks to Steve! Each person took the act of kindness card and several hugs were exchanged! Thanks for letting us be a small part!


From Kyla in Frisco:

When you are an educator you rarely have a chance to bring your child lunch. In honor of the Damm family I took my friend and her son lunch at school. To Cooper and Katie, thank you for sharing your mommy with all of her students.


From Kerri at Children's Medical Center:

Thanks to Tammy Meinershagen for posting this on Facebook!  We appreciate the opportunity to honor Steve with Acts of Kindness!   We donated to a Dallas inner city classroom through Donor's choice as our act of kindness. Blessings to you and your family!


From Tatum in Prosper:

Got the cars hefty order behind me at Starbucks this morning! You know it made their rainy morning! Love you Damm family!


From Jessica in Richardson:

Today, I brought cookies to the ER staff at Plano Presbyterian as my friend Maureen was brought here at the end of her battle with Glioblastoma. Then to the sweet oncology staff for caring for her till the end. I wasn't allowed to take pics, hospital rules. But the ER nurse got up and hugged me.


From Alyssa in Plano:

I sent Tiff’s Treats to a teacher friend at Van Deventer Middle School.  It was a blessing to be able to send them. It truly made me smile. Thanks, Tyra for making this day something meaningful and positive! It’s so much fun to give!

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