Wednesday, November 5, 2014

46 Acts of Kindness (13)

From Dean in Sulphur Springs:

This morning I went to Coffee Off the Square here in Sulphur Springs to remember my friend Steve on his birthday. I ordered my Americano and laid the flyer for today's event and $60 cash on the counter. I told the barista that it was Steve's birthday, a little of his story, and how we were going to celebrate his memory today. She started to tear up and promised to share his story with everyone who came in as the money was applied to their bill in his memory.
Thanks again, Tyra, for allowing me to honor Steve and his life and legacy. Blessings to you, Cooper, and Katie.


From Melissa in Helotes:

Carys and I went to Target and picked out PJs, craft supplies, small toys, snacks, party favors, etc. to fill Birthday Bags in Steve's honor for the Fairweather Family Lodge.  

"FFL is a home that assists homeless women suffering with mental illness and their children. It serves as a place that nurtures development and provides a safe environment for these families to stabilize, grow, and remain together." 

Each month, FFL hosts a birthday party honoring any child with a birthday. Every child receives a goody bag at the party and the birthday child is given a few small presents. This is the 2nd year we've done this as our RAK, and this year Carys decided that every gift bag should be uniquely decorated, no two are alike!  We have enough goodies for about a dozen and a half bags that will be delivered tomorrow. 

Steve's face in Heaven must be sore from smiling all day today. :)


From Nicole in Frisco:

Tonight we went out to eat and bought dinner for a sweet elderly couple. We had the waitress bring the card over to them. They came to our table and thanked and hugged us. The woman was teary and said no one has ever done anything like that for them before. Made our night. Then I bought 2 guys beers at the Stars game. They were thrilled.


From Angela in Frisco:

Today I gave a special note and gift to my sons preschool teachers that work so hard with my feisty little guy, and do it with such a kind heart!! I am so grateful for Ms Dawna and Ms Joanna at Apple Creek and for the most amazing director, Karen! Thank you for everything!


From Christina in Frisco:

We purchased food gift bags at Kroger in Steve's honor and stapled the flyer to the bags. Thinking of you, neighbors! ❤️


From Nancy:

I spent yesterday remembering Steve just a little more than usual. His smile and kindness sparkled me through the day as I smiled and greeted the many boat workers here at LMC who get ignored by so many. Their faces told me they were surprised that I spoke but they quickly smiled and responded with hello. For the overworked clerks at Winn Dixie I gave special thank yous for their help. So easy to be kind. Thank you Steve.


From Liz in Frisco:

Liam was excited to bless his sweet bus driver Miss Catherine in honor of Steve. We thanked her for bringing all of the students from Hosp, Pioneer and Frisco High to and from school safely each day. Happy birthday Steve!


From Ron in Chicago:

7 sport coats, 4 suits, 12 dress shirts, 6 pairs of shoes hauled down to the neighborhood food pantry. They have a room where folks picking up food can also get an item or two of clothing. Donations that can be worn to a job interview make everyone especially giddy :)

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Anonymous said...

46 Acts of Kindness "Steve" has brought smiles and laughter to Mt Auburn Elementary in Dallas Independent Schools. Our staff shares acts of kindness every minute of the day as we pass 8 hours of teaching precious children and getting them ready for those challenging times life brings. Thank you for the kindness to us!