Tuesday, November 4, 2014

46 Acts of Kindness (4)

From Tifani in Rockwall:

Fresh baked brownies for some of Rockwall's finest on this rainy day. They were so appreciative. Thank you for allowing us to be part of celebrating Steve's legacy!


From Suzanne in Garland:

My husband and I both left a large tip for our Sonic servers today. It was a great feeling to make someone's day a little brighter and to celebrate Steve's memory!


From Shannon in Frisco:

Made lunch for the Newman office.


From Jennifer in Carrollton:

I left a dozen donuts for the front office at Homestead Elementary. They have elections there today so they were extra stressed and super appreciative. Eric took a donut to hie teacher too. I love taking part in this celebration for Steve and his awesome family.


From Allison in Frisco:

For our teacher


From Karen in Frisco:

Bought lunch for my store manager!


From Amy in Little Rock:

I know you're way beyond 46 of them, and mine isn't a huge deal, but today for lunch I met a friend I don't see very often, and picked up the tab in Steve's memory.

I love not just this event, but all the little ways you continue to live in Steve's memory. You, Cooper, and Katie all rock!


From Jasmine in Frisco:

I delivered cappuccinos to front desk. Security guard couldn't take a picture with uniform, so she's not on the picture. They read the card and said it's very sweet and good way to remember him.


From Haley in Lille, France:

Met up with an American who just moved to Lille and treated her to a few drinks. Happy Steve day!


From Melinda in Frisco:

Just got a couple of items off The Frisco Humane Society's wish list on Amazon, sent to them in honor of Steve Damm and 46 Acts of Kindness. We get so much joy out of these two, both courtesy of FHS.


From Jay in Frisco:

I gave Jakob's old bike to a kid -- in the rain :).


From Tonia in Frisco:

This line of Chick-fil-A customers had their lunches paid for in honor of Steve. The message through the intercom was repeated--- "Your meal has been paid for in kindness and memory of a great life cut short by brain cancer. Please live today with a smile and pass on this kindness to another."


From Lauren in Frisco:

Sent a get well bouquet to a convalescing friend in honor of Steve Damm and 46 acts if kindness in honor of his 46th birthday-we miss you Steve!


From Paul in Ann Arbor, Mich., via a post from one of his friends:

I didn't know Steve Damm, but anyone who inspired a "46 Acts of Kindness" day must have been a great person. Thanks for sharing the story Paul Dodd. Now, what will I do for my act of kindness??


From Carmen in Austin:

Brought a pumpkin cake to the folks at Livestrong, where I volunteer.

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