Saturday, December 22, 2007

Social Saturday

There's little medical news to report from Room 530 today.

Steve received another blood thinner shot this morning and the fourth steroid dose from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. We visited with the neurology resident and another neurologist who has been following the case and is filling in for Steve's lead doctor. We're still hopeful he'll be able to leave tomorrow, though he may return after Christmas for some outpatient tests or procedures.

We are certain we won't be leaving with answers, but the neurologists have assured us that they'll continue to investigate Steve's case until we have a diagnosis -- or they'll refer us to someone who can. The neurologist called him "an enigma."

The effects of the steroids on his mood and emotions have lessened dramatically. His headache is more painful now than when we first arrived Tuesday. And yet he just reported: "All things considered, I'm feeling much better tonight." Isn't that great?! This process is teaching us both to celebrate each little victory along the way.

This hospital is quiet on the weekends, but Steve's room was hopping. Visitors included Uncle Jim, who flew in this morning from Houston; Jeannie, representing the delightful Dewar family, with a beautiful ornament; Jennifer and Leti from work with flowers and a box of pastries; Jim, Betty, Cooper and Katie; Michael from D.C. with lunch; and Swati and her mom with homemade Indian food for dinner and more magazines. Yesterday Andy from church stopped by with muffins from Zita, one of the world's best bakers. And last night Layne brought pizza and magazines, called bingo numbers for a competitive game between Cooper and Steve and watched part of Water Boy with Steve. (I sure hope I'm not forgetting anyone -- every one of the visits, calls, notes and gifts have cheered us.)

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