Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cooper's triathlon

Cooper starts his 2.25-mile bike ride.

Cooper completed his first triathlon today. He was a joy to watch!

He was steady on the swimming (100 yards). Amazingly fast on the bike (2.25 miles). And his normal speedy self on the run (half a mile). His overall time was 18:54.

He placed 12th in his field of 73 (and placed 8th among boys)! I am so proud of him for trying, for finishing and for having fun. Can't you just imagine how proud angel Steve is?!

His in-person cheering section included me and Katie, Uncle Jim, Grandma and Papa, Uncle Greg, Pam (whose daughter Dylan competed) and Melanie and Jeff (whose children McKay and John Brock competed).

Throughout the morning, I was thinking of something Will said at Steve's memorial service. They are words I carry in my heart and draw from for strength.

Here is a man – so funny, so kind and caring, so sweet and super. Here is a man I am so proud to have called my friend.

Here is a man I miss so very much.

But as our precious goddaughter Katie said Sunday, “he is still in our hearts.”

You know where else he is? In Cooper’s long legs. In Katie’s mischievous laugh. In his children’s loving spirit and in their brilliant minds.
 Katie's mischievous smile and loving spirit in full force at the triathlon

Cooper and his long legs before the race

Those long legs didn't just swim, bike and run today. After the race, Uncle Jim stayed behind to gather Cooper's gear, and the children and I drove back west to Frisco for Cooper's soccer game. There weren't many subs today, and Cooper played all but the first five minutes of the hourlong game. It was one of his best games ever.

Cooper (in blue and yellow)

Coach Phil suggested that Coop compete in a triathlon before every game.

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