Saturday, September 24, 2011


One of the many traditions I love at our school is the TNT (Teachers Notice Things) award. Students are recognized for above-and-beyond acts of kindness and compassion.

Cooper received a TNT early in his kindergarten year. He received his second yesterday, early in his fifth-grade year.

During the assembly I sat in the back of the cafeteria and listened to Mrs. Woodson praise Cooper in front of the whole school and watched my sweet son stand next to her. And I so badly wanted to call Steve or send him a text.

Beverly Woodson (world's best principal) and Cooper 
(photo by Katie's teacher, Shannon Gallant)
But I know that Steve knows. And I know that Steve is proud of our son -- who looks more like Steve every day and who acts more like Steve all the time.

A couple of mom friends and teacher friends stopped by to tell me that they, too, were proud of Cooper. And they, too, had tears in their eyes. Because they have also watched Cooper grow from that little kindergartener to a giant fifth-grader, have watched him struggle to make sense of Steve's illness and death, have watched him be goofy, have watched him share the same kind of tender heart and gentle disposition that defined his Daddy's character.

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