Tuesday, February 21, 2012


One of the defining characteristics of a blog -- at least this blog -- is that it offers snippets. This blog and the Damm Spot don't offer a complete picture of my life or Cooper's life or Katie's life. They are moments that I choose to share.

Sometimes I hesitate to share snippets because to the casual reader it could appear that everything is super sunshiney or that everything is gloomy all the time. In fact, life around the Damm house is mostly sunny with occasional cloud cover. Sometimes there are unexpected storms.

With that in mind, tonight I'm sharing recent moments when Steve's absence has felt heavier than usual -- small clouds in our mostly sunny world.

  • When praying for a friend, before, during and after her breast cancer surgery
  • When I gave Cooper his Arrow of Light, signifying completion of his Cub Scout journey
  • When I really listened to the lyrics of an Avett Brothers song and realized how much Steve would have enjoyed the words, how much we would have enjoyed discussing them together
  • When I watched Bottle Rocket the other night and wanted to laugh with Steve over some of the most ridiculously funny lines
  • When reading almost anything related to the 2012 presidential campaign
  • When sculpting 16 miniature dolphins with Katie for Daisy Scouts (Steve loved working with clay)
  • When the children and I woke this morning to a flood in their bathroom and continuing over the next six hours when I was dealing with the beginning of restoration of four rooms in the house
  • When sitting in Cooper's middle school orientation tonight

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