Thursday, October 2, 2014


At dinner last night, Katie and I were telling Cooper about mohair goats. Did you know that half of the world's mohair supply comes from goats in and around the Texas Hill Country? (Katie and I learned this together earlier in the day, during social studies instruction. Six weeks in, and I have to say I love having Katie in my class. Even when she's a little too chatty.)

All three of us wanted to see what a mohair goat looks like. So I searched online and found the most adorable photos. 

So fuzzy!
We decided that we want -- no, we need -- a mohair goat.

Then we wondered what one might look like after shorn.

That's when Cooper exhibited the most Steve Damm-like laugh I've seen since Steve Damm last laughed.

Coop rocked back and forth. Very little sound came from his body. His face turned bright red. He could barely breathe. He was totally tickled. It was completely contagious.


Katie on Saturday at Frisco City Hall

Katie performs "The Magic Porridge Pot."

Last weekend was the big Lone Star Storytelling Festival. For the second year in a row, Katie was one of the student tellers. Over the past few months, she has practiced at the library under the direction of storytelling coaches and performed at community events. 

On Friday, she performed her tale, "The Magic Porridge Pot," in front of 500 people at our school's morning assembly. And on Saturday, she told her story again, this time at Frisco City Hall, as part of an opening act before master storyteller Willy Claflin.

There's no way I would be comfortable in front of all those people, acting dramatically, using various voices. Do you know who would have been? Steve Damm. He could charm small groups and large crowds with ease. He loved to entertain. 


Cooper and Katie are blessed to have inherited so many fine qualities from their daddy. I'm especially thankful this week for their shared sense of humor, their ability to laugh at themselves, their courageous spirits and their willingness to stretch comfort zones. What fine riches to fuel joyful lives!

Katie and Cooper at Steve's bench, Sept. 21, 2014

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