Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just for fun

Cory Robertson (left) and Steve Damm
ATO AZD Winter 1989 party
University of Michigan


Natalie Willis said...

Hahahahahahhaa.....oh they look oh-so-The-Breakfast-Club-esque!!!!!!!!!!! :-)) Love it!!

Our love, hugs and prayers to you all, as always!

christie said...

Those were the good 'ol days!

Cory Robertson said...

This is Cory Robertson-- the slightly more-handsome dude in the picture. I live in Chicago with my wife Jennifer and 2 boys Kyle (2 1/2) and Luke (6 months). I just ran across this blog trying to find an article I wrote. Tell "Cheese" I say hello (as he was called at the time of this picture). My email is and our number is 708-386-8911. Pass these along for me and use them.
VTL and anything else,