Monday, August 4, 2008

Green light for chemo (we think)

We're not having the best of luck with blood draws. Today's order wasn't placed as "stat," apparently, so we didn't get Steve's counts until late tonight. (He was able to log in from home to find them.) Though some counts are high and some are low, none are at alert level, so he's assuming he can start taking chemotherapy again tonight. Dr. M will let us know tomorrow if there's trouble. But we're expecting another week of poisoning the Damm Spot and any of its awful spin-off cells!

At Dr. M's direction, Steve today stepped up the Decadron to 3 mg to help with his left-side weakness. Already his left side seems more responsive (for the past week or so it feels as if his left arm and hand are filled with sand, and he's been more wobbly than normal). He's going to stay at 3 mg for three days and then try to drop off again.

Tomorrow Steve sees Dr. A, the radiation oncologist who we've grown to admire, despite his sometimes awkward manner. This is just a follow-up -- we're not expecting any big news from the visit. But there may be a memorable quote or two to share!

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