Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Books for Children's

I love how Steve's life continues to affect the lives of others.

Our elementary school's book fair begins this week. During each book fair, students are asked to donate $1 or more to help buy books for children who really need them. It's called the One for Books program.

Our friends Nicole and Suzanne co-chair book fair for the PTA this year. They suggested that, in memory of Steve, One for Books benefit Children's Medical Center, his employer for the last nine years of his life.

So, all the money donated during the book fair will purchase books for the hospital's new campus, Children's Medical Center at Legacy, just a few miles from our home.

I like to close my eyes and imagine how Steve's face would have glowed with joy had he known that books were being donated in his name. He would have placed his right hand over his heart and sighed. There would have been happy tears in his eyes. (Just as there are tears in my eyes right now.)


amy said...

That's awesome Tyra! When Courtney had pneumonia last month she was in the hospital there. We know first hand how great it was to see the lady come by with her cart full of books! Here's to hoping they raise lots of money to honor your Steve and put smiles on the faces of lots of kids.
Take care-

Jenny said...

Oh I love this! Remind me to give a donation at lunch next week. I definitely want to!