Monday, May 10, 2010


Katie, Tyra and Cooper before church on Mother's Day

I have no idea what heaven is like. But I have lots of fanciful ideas of what Steve is up to.

I've been needing to buy a new laptop for months, but I've been hesitant to make a computer decision and spend so much money without Steve's counsel. He was my resident Help Desk and IT support.

But the work I do for multiple clients requires that I have a reliable, portable computer. So I gathered advice from trusted folks and made a decision.

Layne and I placed a new computer in the online shopping bag but took a break for dinner with Liz and all of the kids before actually placing the order. "I'd like to wait for a sign from Steve that this is the right thing to do," I said, joking just a little.

The eight of us ate dinner, and there was no sign from Steve.

"He probably has more important things to do in heaven than approve or not approve my computer purchase," I told Liz and Layne before we clicked "purchase."

What else could he be doing? Could he be responsible for the healthy growth this spring on one of the trees in the front yard? Can he hear and laugh along with Cooper's steady supply of jokes and riddles? Was he with me on Saturday when my friend Darla and I spoke to a crowd at Grapevine Mills Mall and I actually didn't fall off the stage or stumble over my words?

Katie has a theory, too. She says that Daddy's job in heaven is to create rainbows. She's certain that he uses a computer for the work. That makes sense, given his technical expertise AND his creativity.

Uncle Jim, Betty, throwing-a-little-tantrum Katie and Cooper, celebrating Betty's birthday

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