Saturday, May 1, 2010

So much love

Layne just e-mailed me this photo. I've never seen it before now. (That's Layne in the tuxedo. Steve is holding a not-yet-1-year-old Katie. Preschooler Cooper is hugging Steve, and I'm resting my hands on Steve and Katie.)

He found it while searching through images because he's preparing a slideshow in memory of his brother-in-law, Ted, who died in an auto accident early Friday morning in San Antonio. Ted's only sister is Liz, Layne's wife and one of my dearest friends.

This photo was taken almost exactly four years ago. We were attending and participating in the wedding of another dear friend in the Boston area. The bride from that happy day recently passed away.

What does this photo mean to me now -- given what's happened in the four years since it was taken? One of my answers is so cliche that I hesitate to type it. But I will.

Every day is truly a gift. The day after isn't guaranteed. Life is precious and uncertain and too special to be wasted.

What else does this photo mean? So much love.

I see so much love in Steve's eyes and Cooper's embrace and Katie's smile, hiding behind those fabulously chubby cheeks.

Nothing can take away so much love.

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Anonymous said...

If you look at the photos of Steve that form the background to your blog, you'll see that same smile. His family was most important in his life, and his happiness was evident in all these pictures too.