Monday, August 16, 2010

Things I miss

For almost a year I've been keeping for myself a running list of things I miss about Steve. I have a fear of forgetting the little details that made our lives so rich.

Tonight my list is long.

Cooper, Katie and I returned from a short getaway with the Woodburys to Beavers Bend State Park, just outside Broken Bow, Okla. The seven of us had a great weekend on the river, in the lake, in the cabin (actually a very nice home at the top of Horseshoe Mountain), in the minivan to and from.

Brooke, Katie, Cooper and Molli on the back deck of the cabin

Of course, I missed that there were seven and not eight.

I missed the special bond between Steve and my sister Melane. They made each other laugh with goofy faces, silly dances and knowing looks.

I missed hearing brother-in-law Greg calling Steve a doctor. (Steve worked with doctors and managed pediatric practices. Greg would often jokingly call on Steve for medical advice.)

I missed watching Steve interact with his nieces Brooke and Molli. He loved and protected them fiercely.

I missed him when he wasn't in the lake to toss Cooper and Katie into the air or carry them on his shoulders or pretend to be a shark.

I missed Steve imitating the sound of me brushing my teeth while I brushed my teeth.

I missed being part of the team that was Steve and Tyra.

I am thankful for the memories and the love that never dies and the opportunity to live when Steve can't.

But still, my list is long.

Easter 2006

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