Monday, October 10, 2011

Old and new

Cooper was lucky enough to tag along today with the Spears family to Game 2 of the ALCS. The mighty Texas Rangers are facing the Detroit Tigers.

There's so much to love about this photo.

1. Cooper is so tall that I have to tilt my camera (or in this case, my iPad) at an angle to fit him in the frame and be close enough for details.

2. Cooper is wearing a blue Rangers T-shirt, a gift from Uncle Jim, who was in town this weekend to celebrate his 45th birthday.

3. On top of that, he's wearing Steve's vintage Rangers away jersey. I'm pretty sure that Steve bought it just before we started dating or just after, which makes it almost 20 years old.

4. Coop is also wearing one of Steve's (many) Rangers caps. It's a fitted cap, and it's a little big but not too big.

5. He's on his way to a game that the Rangers went on to win in dramatic fashion -- a walk-off grand-slam in the 11th inning. (Katie and I watched the last three innings at home.)

6. The Rangers are playing the Tigers, probably Steve's second favorite team. While he was a student at the University of Michigan, Steve attended quite a few games at the old Tiger Stadium. I have no doubt that Steve is rooting for the Rangers, but I also know he'd be proud of the Tigers.

I've got a big ol' long list of disappointments with Steve gone. I work hard to not dwell on the list, to acknowledge the list without being paralyzed by it. Part of my strategy to make that happen is to acknowledge the blessings all around us despite the disappointments.

So, yes, I'm supremely disappointed:
  • That Steve never lived to see the Rangers make the World Series last year or this ACLS 
  • That when the three of us watch games together it's me answering the questions and not the real family expert 
  • That Cooper continues to miss out on the father-son bond over games (and Katie, too -- she loves watching) 
  • That I'll never again go to a Rangers game with my sweet Steve

But I'm also thankful:
  • That we have friends who include us in their own family activities
  • That our children enjoy a sport that Steve loved so much
  • That Cooper carries so much of Steve in him and was able to carry some of his Rangers gear in to today's game

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