Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 1

This week I returned to an office job for the first time in almost seven years.

This week also included:
Memorial service for a former colleague
Reconstruction work on the house, repairing flood damage
Katie getting strep throat

How does a single widowed mom handle those challenges plus a new job in the same week?

With a super supportive new boss and an incredible team of loved ones to help.

Jim spent much of the week at our house, taking Margie on walks and making sure everything was in good shape as workers painted walls, replaced baseboards and rebuilt and installed a new bathroom vanity. (We're still waiting on carpet.)

When I worked late Monday, Julianne took care of Katie and Wendy took care of Cooper. Julianne sent us home with a complete dinner. Liz made us dinner the next night.

I worked from home many hours while taking care of an ill Katie. Jim returned to the house Friday to watch her for a few hours so I could work in the office. (It's a little busy at a megachurch, you know, the week before Holy Week.)

The Walls family let Cooper and Katie hang out with them one night so I could see a grown-up movie in a movie theater. (The Hunger Games -- as intense as the book.)

The Burris family took Cooper to lunch and soccer so that I could take Katie to the doctor for a second time. (She has an upper respiratory infection on top of strep.)

Betty brought dinner Saturday night.

On this Sunday after Week 1, I'm pausing between activities to give thanks for my new job and for the sweet people in our lives who continue to support us with words and actions and prayers. And I'm kind of hoping for a less eventful Week 2.

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