Sunday, June 10, 2012

Third-annual Stephen Damm Memorial Award

Last night I helped to present the Stephen Damm Memorial Award to Dr. Lauren Phillips, a graduating resident in the UT-Southwestern neurology and neurotherapeutics program.

Dr. Lauren Phillips
Dr. Phillips was co-chief resident in the program and was recognized with multiple honors for her work. The Stephen Damm award is given for excellence and compassion in patient care.

Back in 2009, our friend Dr. Shilpa Chitnis worked to have the award created. She and her husband generously fund the cash stipend.
Liz was my guest at the graduation dinner and took this photo of me and Shilpa during the presentation.
Dr. Chitnis spoke briefly last night about Steve -- his diagnosis and the way he lived until he died, his courage and strength. She called him one of her heroes.

I continue to be inspired by Steve's legacy. He's one of my heroes, too. And, gracious, I wish he were here. Can you imagine how tickled he'd be by an award in his name for such a noble cause? He'd also get a kick out of the endearing, quirky sense of humor on display when a bunch of neurologists are gathered.

(You can read about the 2010 award here and the 2011 award here.)

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