Thursday, September 20, 2012


We bought this hat for Steve in 2008, when his cancer-fighting cocktail included Accutane and other drugs that made too much sun dangerous. He needed full protection from the rays.

He wore the hat all over Frisco. To soccer games. To Disneyland.

Disneyland, June 2008
To our final vacation together -- a soul-restoring three days in West Palm Beach.

The Breakers, West Palm Beach, March 2009

I wore the hat on my 2011 getaway to Belize.

Xunantunich, near San Ignacio, Belize, February 2011

Cooper has taken the easy-to-pack hat camping with Boy Scouts.

And today, Katie wore the hat to complete her ensemble for career day.

Her current professional aspiration is zoologist. (Actually artist and zoologist.) She borrowed one of Cooper's outdoorsy shirts to wear over her Brownie T-shirt (today was also the first meeting of the school year for her Girl Scout troop).

After a great deal of consideration and perusal of our massive stuffed animal collection, she chose a duck to tuck into the front pocket. (She actually wanted about six animals attached to her body, but we couldn't figure out an elegant way to do so. Pinning them to her shirt just looked creepy.)

I made a name badge: Dr. Kathryn Damm. Zoologist.

And she topped it all off with Steve's hat.

Kathryn Damm, future zoologist, Frisco, September 2012

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