Sunday, October 7, 2012

Save the date: Nov. 4

Cooper, Katie and I are looking forward to Sunday, Nov. 4 -- Steve's 44th birthday and our second-annual Acts of Kindness Day!

Last year we celebrated Steve's birthday by inviting friends and family members to join us in performing acts of kindness. Our goal was 43 good deeds, one for each year since Steve's birth.

Well, I lost track of the number around 200. There was such an incredible response, and folks were so creative and kind and generous serving others.

This year, our goal is 44 acts of kindness. How great would it be to reach 44 acts four or five or six times over?!

Throughout October I'll post more details and ideas and a link to a page that you can print to leave behind when you perform an act of kindness in memory of Steve.

This month I'll also remind you of last year's acts of kindness. Click here for part 1 from Nov. 4, 2011.

(Special thanks to Bledsoe art teacher and Damm family friend Cory Jensen for designing this year's logo!)

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