Friday, January 4, 2013


Cooper wrote a short biography over Christmas break for a school assignment. I'm sharing it here with his permission ...

I was born in Dallas, Texas. I live in Frisco, Texas.

When I was 3½, I went to San Francisco. I was chasing pigeons in a park when I tripped and fell flat on the concrete. I cracked my chin open, so I was rushed to a hospital that, unfortunately, took only adults. Thankfully they took me in because of the condition I was in.

I was in kindergarten through fifth grade at Calvin Bledsoe Elementary. I lived the life of a normal kid for most of my life. When I was 6, my dad, Stephen Edmund Damm, was diagnosed with brain cancer; he had a tumor in his brain stem.  

On September 7, 2009, my dad died on his bed with all of his family around him. I was in third grade at the time. The next day our school counselor informed my class about the morning before.

But I went on to do other things after the tragedy, like Student Council, choir and lots of other activities. I have had lots of good things happen to me, like getting awards for Boy Scouts and soccer. After fifth grade, I went to Pioneer Heritage Middle School, where I play clarinet.

Cooper, Dec. 23, 2012

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