Wednesday, September 25, 2013


It's been five weeks since I was offered the fifth-grade teaching position and my new career officially launched. 

Of course, my career didn't really begin five weeks ago. I started the certification coursework about a year ago. I would work at nights and on weekends. I tried to read, write and study only when Cooper and Katie were asleep or busy, but that wasn't always possible. 

At the same time, I was also studying for the state certification exam -- work that consumed multiple hours until the big test day in November. 

That was on top of working a full-time job plus freelancing plus volunteering plus taking care of our home and my family.

That required monumental teamwork from Cooper and Katie. (And plenty of help from family and friends.)

Cooper and Katie picked up a few extra chores during the busiest times. They missed more than a few nights of our traditional read-aloud time. They endured a few weekends with me surrounded by my laptop, books, study guides and pages of notes.

They never complained. 

Cooper and Katie are a huge reason why I'm teaching now. And they continue to be a huge help.

Every school morning, Cooper volunteers to pack the car for me. He carries out my giant bag, weighed down with binders and books, plus my lunchbox and two drinks -- a big cup of ice water and a to-go cup of coffee. 

Katie helps make my classroom welcoming before she leaves for her own room. She sharpens pencils, turns on lamps, straightens papers. She offers advice on classroom management, lessons and organization. (She's serious about it, too.)

There are multiple moments every day when I want to share with Steve how thoughtful and compassionate his children are. I'm certain, though, that he already knows.

Scene from Sunday: Walking Margie on a lovely afternoon 
Scene from Monday: Cooper accompanies violinist Katie.

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