Monday, October 21, 2013

Save the date: Nov. 4, 2013

In two weeks -- on Monday, Nov. 4 -- we will be celebrating Steve's 45th birthday with 45 Acts of Kindness!

This will be our third year to celebrate Steve and honor his memory with a day devoted to taking care of others.

Cooper, Katie and I love, love, love this day. Last year, there were at least 350 acts of kindness performed all over the country and even the world in memory of Steve.

Do you think we can top 400 this year? How great would it be to hit 450?!

Just a few ideas, based on the past two years:

  • Buy coffee or lunch for someone else
  • Hold doors open longer than usual
  • Surprise someone with flowers
  • Clean out your closet and donate to a shelter
  • Bake cookies and deliver to your neighborhood fire station
  • Treat a crossing guard to hot chocolate
  • Leave cheerful notes on windshields
  • Deliver a meal to someone who needs some cheer
  • Donate toys to a children's hospital
  • Buy books for a classroom

If you want to read some really touching stories, click here for many of last year's kind acts.

Coming to the blog soon: More ideas and a note you print to leave behind.

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