Wednesday, October 5, 2016

48 Acts of Kindness

On Nov. 4 this year, we will celebrate 48 Act of Kindness -- our family's way to honor Steve's birthday. Cooper, Katie and I look forward to sharing Steve's joyful, slightly mischievous spirit with friends and strangers, and we hope you will join us!

One list can't possibly do justice to the thousands of acts of kindness performed each year in Steve's memory. A small sampling:

Leave treats/drinks for lifeguards at your pool
Pay for coffee for the person behind you
Make a donation to your favorite nonprofit
Deliver breakfast to coworkers
Surprise your local firehouse or police station with treats
Make care packages for the homeless
Yield to drivers on a busy street
Open doors for dozens of strangers
Buy groceries for a stranger
Leave a generous tip

Check back each week until Nov. 4 for more ideas and a card you can leave behind when you perform your act of kindness!

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