Thursday, October 27, 2016

Coming next Friday: 48 Acts of Kindness

My favorite day is a week away!

A quick reminder:
1. Perform an act of kindness in memory of Steve on Nov. 4.
2. Leave the note, explaining the special day. (Click here for the note.) (Click here for a page with four copies.)
3. Take a photo if you can/like and send me your story. (Email me at Text me at 972-489-4344. Or post on the Facebook page.)
4. I'll share your story and photo (with your permission) on the blog.

Need some inspiration? Read about previous years:

Buy subway cards for tourists
Donate to the Red Cross
Make soup for a neighbor
Give food to a family in need
Say thank you to your garbage collectors
Help a colleague
Take breakfast to the office
Say thank you to a nurse
Leave a generous tip

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