Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 13

From Megan in Frisco:

I was able to gift a teammate today with covering her duty on Wednesday this week so that she can have more time to get things done.


From Kelli in McKinney:

We gave a wal-mart gift card to one of the workers at the Valero we visit on an almost daily basis. These people work so hard, make so little, but deserve so much!


From Shari in Heath:

Ended our day honoring Steve by delivering cookies to Allen's finest and bravest men!
#4 - Delivered homemade chocolate chip cookies to Allen's Police Department
#5 - Delivered homemade chocolate chip cookies to Allen's Central Station Fire Department
Happy Birthday, Steve. 


From Laura in Edmond, Okla.:

My three children delivered brownie bites with Steve's note to the kids' wonderful and caring bus driver (who was thrilled just to see Brendan now that he's in 6th grade), to five of their swim coaches who work so hard for them, and to two guys who work the pool's front desk daily. We loved being a part of this day, as always, to join the amazing Damm family in celebrating Steve!


From Cathy in Frisco:
It is such an honor to help celebrate the beautiful life of your beloved Steve. In honor of his 45th birthday we donated $45 worth of groceries to Frisco Family Services Food Pantry.


From CarolAnn and David in Frisco:

I just drove through Braums with my husband and ordered our dinner. When we got to the window we were handed a card with the story of Steve, and told that the car in front of us paid for our dinner. I cried while reading it to my husband. I am so sorry for your loss. We went directly to the blogspot when we got home. We were one of the ones that benefited from others acts of kindness by knowing Steve. Blessings to you and your family,  just thought you would like to know how touched we were. We will pay it forward.


From Christy in Anna:

Bottle of wine delivered to an awesome friend and Mom who is always giving to others! No picture because, of course, she was at a Band Boosters meeting. ;)


From Allison in Frisco:

I took donuts to work this morning for fellow coworkers. Then the kids and I took hot chocolate to the kind and hardworking Frisco Firefighters at Station #4!


From Jody in Carrollton:

Bought a couple coworkers lunch at the hospital today. I'm SO grateful they're there to give awesome patient care to folks that really need it. Blessings!


From Sally in Sugar Land:

Fond memories being with Steve include a flight I made with him bringing him to Houston in my airplane for an appointment at M. D. Anderson. Today I honored him by donating a flight to a friend who is a Ph.D. and Professor at University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Blue Skies and Tailwinds!


From Melissa in Dallas:

We were able to squeeze in 2 acts of kindness this evening. First, Ibrahim pasted money to the vending machine at his sister's ballet studio for someone to purchase a snack or drink. People have paused to read the note but everyone seems shy to take the money; it's still there. :)

Second, while we were shopping at Whole Earth Provision, Ibrahim banged his hand against a shelf and it bled badly. Unprompted, two of the associates took him back to the employee office and fixed up the scrape with Neosporin and a bandage. Ibrahim had wanted to do an act of kindness for someone face to face to explain the significance of the day, so we went down the street and brought them back cookies to share. The associate teared up when Ibrahim explained Steve's story. 

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