Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 9

From Anja in Frisco:

We picked up loads of trash from our neighborhood greenbelt!


From Liz in Denver:

After a 30 degree temperature drop, I brought 4 hot chocolates to the office staff at Cory Elementary this afternoon! They were delighted, and felt privileged to be part of this tradition.


From Alma in Arlington:

I made cookies and got some Starbucks gift cards to give someone a warm treat on this drizzly, cold day. While out running errands, I gave these treats in honor of Steve to a crossing guard, three UTA students and a super sweet cashier at Whataburger.


From Melinda in Frisco:

Walker picked flowers for his OT as his act of kindness today. 


From Amy in Frisco:

I decided to give a gift card to the bus drivers at Nichols elementary in Honor of Steve. Thanking them for keeping our kids safe every day to and from school.


From Debbie in Frisco:

Lunch was bought for my co-worker who works so hard at taking care of our brain injured patients :)


From Debbie in Heath:

We picked up the tab for the car behind us at the drive-thru.


From Jennifer in Frisco:

For my Act of Kindness I gave the barista in Starbucks some money and asked her to treat the next customer(s).


From Amy in Little Rock:

I made a gift to help fund a new Children's Garden Sanctuary at Trinity UMC in Fayetteville, Ark., a few hours away from where I live. Through this garden, children will learn about God through God's creation, and will help feed others by growing food for giving away and sharing at community meals. There wasn't a place to leave the 45 Acts of Kindess card on the donation site, so I took a photo of it and sent it to the pastor of the church.


From Kelli in Frisco:

Delivered steaks to the firemen at station 7 as part of the 45 Acts of Kindness Honoring Steve Damm.

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