Tuesday, November 5, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness: Part 21

From Stella in Plano:

I started a day early. Took a family member who doesn't have transportation and on a limited income to run errands and then bought her lunch. When she offered to pay for my gas, I told her it was my treat. Today, I invited a friend to go with me to an event and didn't let her pay when she offered to cover the parking. She told me after that it made her day because she hadn't been out in awhile. I told her all about 45 Acts of Kindness.


From Jason in Lewisville:

I was gifted a Starbucks GC by someone anonymously. On my way home, I swung by Starbucks figuring I could maybe use the GC to spread some more love. I bought the coffee for the person in front of me in the drive thru. When I explained the premise to the barista, he was moved by it and decided my coffee should be free!


From Suzanne in Frisco:

A friend contacted me to schedule a get together but suggested Starbucks instead of meeting for lunch as her family is trying to save some money. So I took her to lunch and told her about Steve and 45 Random Acts of Kindness. Was good to see a friend and spread some joy.


From Sarah in Frisco:

I started my morning by buying breakfast at Chick-Fil-A for the gentleman behind me. Then on to a local elementary school that is in need of reading books for struggling kids. I asked them to distribute them as they see fit. Then to my own kids' school with sweet treats and classroom games for their teachers. And finally, I delivered many of my recently read magazines to a friend coming home from the hospital and off her feet for awhile. My intentions were to make other people smile, but I think I was the one with the biggest smile by the end of the day!


From Wendi in Frisco:

I took Sonic drink orders yesterday for all of Sophie's teachers (current and past) at her preschool and Sophie and I are delivering them this morning.


From Sharon in Anna:

Since I was working at the hospital, I chose to find opportunities of kindness acts. I sang a song about Jesus with a man on dialysis, comforted a scared 10 year old boy who was getting an IV, prayed with a woman who had a double mastectomy after she shared her story. I think these patients were doing acts of kindness with me as well, because I saw grace, humility and strength personified.


From Joanie in Lewisville:

Today, I'll take homemade lunch to the loving and kind Lynn Carroll, who was Katie's teacher when Steve passed away and my daughter's teacher when we lost our son in the same year. She was a bright spot in an otherwise heart-wrenching time and we knew our kids were well taken care of! Thank you "Mrs. Carroll!"


From Jeanne in Frisco:

We gave a friend a gift card and your note. Within minutes she was telling me how she was going to give a friend who rescues animals a gift card. It's amazing how these acts of kindness for Steve continue to inspire so many people.

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