Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 10

From Brandie in McKinney:

Today I'm cooking healthy food for people I love and delivering it. A friend who had surgery, my sweetheart, and a good friend who loves my cooking and doesn't like to cook herself. I will include a note that says it's in honor of Steve.


From Suzanne in Frisco:

I took the day off to take care of this precious little one. A new mom was able to study, take a test, and get things done while her husband was home sick.


From Karen in Carrollton:

I gave gift cards to the two people who worked the drive thru at McDonald's today. What a joy!


From Cyndi in Carrollton:

When I arrived at Children's Medical Center (where Steve worked) today for work, I left money and cards with the parking kiosk for 10 people's parking. I have paid for one person's lunch in Children's cafeteria, and plan on going back later to get someone else.


From Shari in Lucas:

My girls went to Starbucks in Allen after school and paid for the person's coffee behind them. They gave Steve's card to him. He was surprised.


From Pam in Frisco:

The kids and I delivered cookies to their favorite teachers and friends.


From Marcy in Plano:

Tess, Matt and I are putting together shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. Tess will also take little thank you gifts to her three teachers this week. We are so thankful for your beautiful family! Thanks for letting us be apart of this special day!


From Kelly in France:

I bought extra food to give to a homeless man that I saw on my way to the grocery store today here in Angers, France.


From Mark in The Colony:

Colton and Brayden went in to pay for this woman's laundry to be washed. She asked them about Steve and they told her about him. Then she said, "Oh my mother is a cancer survivor!" She gave them more money to make more gift bags!


From Jessica of North Texas:

Before leaving the office, I taped quarters to the Steve notes onto the vending machine in the break room.


From Lisa of Plano:

I wanted to leave something for one of the kindest people I know as my anonymous random act of kindness in honor of Steve. I wanted to leave something she could use year after year and be reminded of today. This turkey is made from metal scraps from Hurricane Sandy.

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