Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 12

From Leslie of Dallas:

Donated to my sweet friends' adoption fund as they prepare to go get their son from Ethiopia ANY DAY!


From Mel in Lubbock:

In honor of Steve's chosen profession and his dedication to children's health care, Vera and I purchased gift cards to three area restaurants and took them to the pediatric unit of Covenant Hospital. We attached the note to each and left them at the nurses' station to be given to the parents most in need of a break from the hospital atmosphere.


From Stacey in D.C.:

Was able to squeeze in one more good deed on my way home from work when I went through the KFC drive-thru and paid for the car behind me, a little old man whose order was a grand total of $5.20.

Also, my girlfriend Meg wanted me to post that she paid for the person in the drive-thru behind her at Smithfield's in Wilmington, NC. Additionally, she paid to mail the package of a little old lady at FedEx who was so appreciative, she hugged Meg's neck, told her how sweet and beautiful she is and wanted to know who her parents are who raised her right. Too funny.


From Valerie in Carrollton:

After school Max and I headed out and made two stops on behalf of Steve! First Kroger to pay for some groceries (it happened to be a woman who lost her mother last month to cancer and there were lots of hugs in the check-out line) and then to Carrollton Fire Department 6 to deliver Papa Murphy's pizza and salad (the firemen were so appreciative) What a blessing to do some good in Steve's honor of the life he lived!! Xxoo!


From T in Buffalo:

There is a really nice new kid (19) in our bike racing club, and his family doesn't have a ton of cash (they are urban farmers in the city of Buffalo, pretty cool huh?) Anyway, I gave him some of my cold weather cycling gear so that he could continue to ride in the colder months and do cyclocross races without totally freezing. It was a day early, but it was nice to see him racing yesterday wearing some of it. I figured Steve would give the shirt off his back to a person in need, so I could too. I hope you are well :-) 


From Kari in Frisco:

We donated 60 cans of food for Frisco FASTPacs.

Tyra, it's been so inspiring reading all of today's posts. Fought back tears many times! People are so good. 


From Kent in Mesquite:
Started by taking care of somebody's parking at the courthouse this morning and ended by taking care of a family's dinner tab at cici's pizza. And in between I stopped by the fire station near my house to drop off some goodies for their collective sweet tooth. 


From Sherry in Frisco:

Cooked a meal for very special family with a precious new baby boy. So much fun to hold little Jace and to honor Steve Damm.


From Rebecca in Georgia:

There was a woman at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for her husband, who had been in an accident. When the pharmacist asked if she wanted to go ahead and get her own prescription that had been waiting, she said, "No, I don't have the money." I had it put on my bill...hated to see this wife put aside her own health needs for her husband, but I certainly understood! 


From Amy S. in Frisco:

I bought sonic drinks for my team this morning and left a gift card on a neighbor's door. She is a single mom and has a hard time. I also received acts of kindness 2x today by a student and an anonymous sweet friend who left something on my car. I was sincerely touched. After reading the posts, I am in tears. So touching! I wish everyone did something nice for someone EVERY day! We could change the world! Happy Birthday to Steve!


From Christine in Frisco:

I dropped off cookies for the AWANA leaders where my little guy is tonight.


From Kelly in Frisco:
I paid for the next 5 people to enter FHS for the 7th grade game tonight and left cards about Steve and 45 Acts of Kindness with the lady at the booth. She was touched. I saw her later and she told me that she took a picture of the card and posted it to Facebook. She also told me that the people behind me were touched and surprised. I'm sure they'll keep it going!

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Anonymous said...

I'm traveling (San Francisco) so left an extra large (100%) tips with a couple of cabbies today. Just got dropped off by one who said, "Thank you for your generosity. Have a beautiful night."

Mary Jacobs