Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 18

From Beatrice:

There is a man, woman and their three children that stand on the corner near the entrance to Target. Today I was going to do a random act of kindness in memory of Steve Damm but they were not there. I will keep the food in the car until I see them again. My biggest act of kindness was kindness itself .. I tried harder today to be kind to everyone. I did not know Steve, but I know Tyra and that is enough for me ... so Happy Birthday Steve Damm.


From Beth in Plano:
Left a gift card for my hardworking teaching assistant.

Bought sodas for the staff of The North Texas Daily.


From Ro in Frisco:

1. Brought donuts in today for coworkers.

2. The kids & I filled 10 shoe boxes for less fortunate children around the world for Christmas (The Samaritan's Purse).

Happy Birthday Steve!


From Russell in Dallas:

We had a chance to help with the check tonight for some fellow patrons at dinner. They found us before we left and asked why. After we told them, the waitress told us she would check the page out and do her part. Glad to be a part of the legacy.


From Greg in Michigan:
Going to hear a bandmate solo tonight with the Wayne State Wind Symphony. This couple behind me at the box office had their tickets paid for.


From Abigail:

Paid for someone's Target goodies today. I am sure she was irritated by me pushing the shopping cart in front of the credit card swipe, and was absolutely shocked when she saw me swipe my card. The cashier was confused too. I loved their faces during & after! I'm doing this in honor of Steve and Stevie, but especially my friend, Karen…whose lives were taken too soon by Brain Cancer!


From Joe:

I bought my bandmates pizza. And left the waitress a nice big tip. We miss you, Steve.


From Libbie in Frisco:
It's parents observation week at our studio which can be very exhausting for our teachers and staff, so Landon and Campbell gave the teachers and staff Starbucks gift cards as a little pick up!!!


From Roz in Frisco:

We brought two travelers of hot chocolate from Starbucks to the football game. Passed out 20 hot chocolates to cold Pioneer fans.


From Laura in Hawaii:
Supporting the whales with a donation in honor of Steve!

From Stacy in Frisco:

My kids and I dropped fruit and a gift card for groceries at Frisco Fire Station #2 in memory of Steve.


From Christy:

At the request of our 7 year old daughter, we purchased 10 flowers for her to hand out at school tomorrow with copies of the note. We also packed a pack of clothes to take to the mission. We are honored to be apart of this wonderful event to share love with others in honor of your husband!


From Michael:

Bought a classmate coffee today.


From Rebecca:

Posted cash to the vending machine at the office!


From Michelle:

We purchased snacks and wrote notes to soldiers in Afghanistan. We paid for an extra box to be shipped alongside a neighbors. My girls were excited to give the soldiers most of their Halloween candy! It's so much nicer to give than receive!


From Myssie:

My son Austin and his third grade class at Groves Elementary collected Halloween candy to give to a classmate who'd seriously injured her foot and was unable to participate in Trick or Treat activities.


From Jennie in Michigan:

I paid for the car behind me at the drive thru and gave the 45 card to the clerk to give to them with their food. The coffee at work is not the greatest, so I bought fancy coffees and teas for our three Ann Arbor locations and posted the 45 card. Thank you for letting us all be a part of this and remember Steve in such an awesome way!

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