Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 7

From Nancy in Frisco:

Today I had lunch with the sweet ladies my mom dined with each day. Such a simple thing to do. Made my day and theirs.


From Amber in Dallas:

Gave coffee with coffee cake to our fantastic community security guard. He was so appreciative it really made my day better! 


From a North Texas family:

1) Took dinner casserole to a neighbor who just got out of the hospital.

2) Saturday afternoon DH bought an entry ticket to the band competition for a band director from Fort Worth who was told they didn't accept credit cards as payment. Anyone who works with & inspires kids on a daily basis deserves the red carpet treatment in our book!


From Rae in Carrollton:

I took some homemade brownies up to my chiropractors office. We had a good conversation about Steve and your kindness campaign!


From Liz in Frisco:

Holly and I took two dozen cookies to Steve's old office. 


From Melissa in The Colony:

We started off our spree with a subway giftcard for the mail carrier :)


From Sarah in Richardson:

I started early and took a delivery to Minnie's Food Pantry on Saturday because they aren't open today. I'll look for another opportunity for kindness today :)"


From Konrad in Round Rock:

Round Rock Honey to 16 random teachers at Teravista Elementary in Round Rock, TX.


From Sheli in Carrollton:

Bought lunch for the person behind me in line, who then bought lunch for the person behind him. Pay it forward!


From Shari in Lucas:

Having a great day celebrating Steve today!
#1 - Left a restaurant gift card for our postman
#2 - Homemade chocolate chip cookies for the teachers at Lucas Christian Academy
#3 - My birthday treat today (yes, I share a bday with Steve) was a Sublime Chocolate Bar mocha, so I left money for the owners to pay for the next person who orders coffee or chocolates. They were thrilled to help honor Steve!


From Jamie in Carrollton:

Delivered oatmeal raisin cookies to several co-workers with 45 Acts of Kindness cards attached. Happy Birthday, Steve!


From Leah in Frisco:

I took some sweet treats to the 5th grade team and office staff at Bledsoe Elementary. :)


From Shawna in Dallas:

I tucked some Starbucks gift cards around the napkins and half-and-half at the Starbucks inside the Tom Thumb on Hampton in Oak Cliff. Then I sneaked away, so I have no photos to share.

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Ashley said...

I love these! I posted mine of Facebook, but then realized all of my friends could see it (I'd rather not share with all of them). I am a friend of Janet Wisner from when Henry was little. In honor of Steve, I did three things today. I sent my sister a card to tell her what she means to me. I also sent my sister in law, who is going through a lot, a starbucks gift card. Last, I sent a bigger giftcard to Olive Garden to my step sister who is a third year law student and single mom of twin toddler girls. Thanks for spurring all the goodness!
- Ashley in TN