Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 11

From James:

I went to Starbucks and the girls in front of me offered to buy my drink and gave me this card. So, I decided to make a donation to the Red Cross in memory of Steve.


From Judy in Pike:

I struggled a bit with what to do since we have been traveling and were on our way home today. I really wanted this to be something I wouldn't otherwise had the opportunity to do. I read about Mrs. Karabach and her students on your blog and have just made a donation to help with their supplies. I spent time in prayer for them all, for Tyra and kids, and for everyone participating in this great day! God Bless!


From Rhonda in Frisco:

I ran some trail mix by a friend's house who is going through a rough time physically. I know that is her favorite snack and I left it anonymously hanging on her front door with one of your notes.

I also paid for two coffees at Starbucks.

Thanks for letting me share in celebrating Steve!


From Leah in Frisco:

Luke gave his bus driver a gift card to McDonald's.


From Cari in Colorado Springs:

My husband gave some rent money to a single dad who is in a tough situation.


From Tracy in Frisco:

We donated books to the Frisco Public Library in Steve's honor. 


From Kelly in Frisco:

Visited with a young mother who is extremely ill in the hospital to offer encourage, scripture & hope.


From Aunt Marilyn in Charlottesville:

I handed $10 to each of three homeless men panhandling on corners and also gave the third a bag of dog food for his dog. Tomorrow I'll take a neighbor to vote. Later tonight I'll donate to Alex's Lemonade Stand in Steve's memory. Alex, a little girl whose family now lives next door to Matt, started raising money for cancer research after being diagnosed with the same kind of tumor that Steve had. After she died, her family turned her efforts into a fund raising foundation for cancer research.


From Tifani in Rockwall:

Paid for the carload behind us tonight at our favorite drive-thru Chick Fil-a. Honored to be able to participate in this special day to honor Steve's legacy!


From Linda in Dallas:

I asked for the manager at my favorite credit union office and told him about the event in Steve's memory. I gave him money to treat his staff because they've been so wonderful over so many years. I hope I have an opportunity to do more kindness before the night is over.


From Ria in Frisco:

Made a donation today in Steve's honor to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Tyra, your family is a blessing and inspiration. Steve must be smiling big on his birthday! Hugs!


From Melissa in The Colony:

We purchased Kroger gift cards and distributed them to people in the store. Happy Birthday, Steve!


From Brecon in Plano:

I worked with my two year old all weekend and tonight on packing up the toys she no longer plays with to donate to church or Goodwill.


From Ashley in Tennessee:

In honor of Steve, I did three things today. I sent my sister a card to tell her what she means to me. I also sent my sister in law, who is going through a lot, a Starbucks gift card. Last, I sent a bigger gift card to Olive Garden to my step sister who is a third year law student and single mom of twin toddler girls. Thanks for spurring all the goodness! 


From Stephanie in Seattle:

I anonymously dropped off gift cards to two of my favorite teachers at my kids' school.  

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