Sunday, November 3, 2013

One more day!

One more day until the big day -- Steve's 45th birthday and 45 Acts of Kindness!

Cooper, Katie and I are super excited. We have been plotting strategy, and we're enjoying hearing about your plans for the big day!

Some reminders:

1. If you'd like to leave a note with your gift or kind act, you can click here for a version to print.

2. If you're comfortable sharing, please contact me with your story and a photo if you have one. You can email me at You can text me at 972-489-4344. Or you can post to the Facebook 45 Acts of Kindness page.

3. Need some ideas? Check out previous years for some heart-warming stories! Click here for 2011. Click here for 2012.

Please be patient with me on Monday. =) I'll be teaching during the day and won't have time for blogging until after dismissal. I'll update the blog as quickly as I can in the afternoon!


At least one family we know started a little early!

From the Warhoftig family of Frisco:

Today we showed our Act of Kindness a day early by buying bagels and coffee for Zachary's hockey team after an early morning practice. Everyone was so thankful and took cards so they could pay it forward as well.

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