Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 16

From Brae in McKinney:

Started the morning off by paying for the car behind me in the Starbucks drive-thru. 

Then, at school I got to witness Katie passing out bookmarks to our entire class and a gift card for me with a smile on her face. We shared her daddy's story and encouraged paying it forward with kindness today. 

I got to see this first hand when one of my sweet boys opened and held the classroom door for me as the two of us walked through it. What a gentleman! 

I also decided to donate to the SPCA today. I wish I could adopt and help every animal in need.
Finally, I donated to help pay for medical expenses for a radio personality that was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

Happy birthday Steve! We love all of you!


From Emily in Frisco:

We gave Lily's teachers a little gift and I changed every clock that I saw at work today that needed to be changed. :)


From Kristi in Frisco:

Buying our nephew a plane ticket home for Christmas. He's in college in the Midwest and was going to have to find a ride, now he'll be home safe and sound with the family for the holidays:)


From Donna in Dallas:

Today I visited my new BFF Betty! She is 94 years old and has been a member of my church for 70+ years. We had a really good talk and laughed a lot! :)


From Melane in Anna:

Molli made cupcakes all by herself and is delivering them right now to neighbors that just moved down our street. :)


From Karen:

Made a special lunch for my husband. He hired a man today wanting to support a 5 yr old son.


From Emily A. in Frisco:

We enjoyed leaving a special tip for our waiter at Blue Goose tonight.


From Traci in Frisco:

Ashlee and I took coffee to her dance teacher. We also paid for the meal of the couple behind us at McDonalds.


From Betsy in Carrollton:

I talked to a friend at church yesterday. She needed new shoes but had no extra money. I felt led to give her money to buy those shoes. A blessing for me.


From Suzanne in Garland:

Gave an extra big tip to the carhop at Sonic today.


From Lowell in Garland:

Gave an extra big tip to the nice Sonic manager that brings him his drink when he stops every morning on his way to work.

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