Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 1

From Jana in Frisco:

Jacob and David delivered a cake to the Frisco PD evening shift dispatchers. 


From Roy in Abilene:

I've got a busy Monday so I "paid forward" by volunteering on a Habitat for Humanity project on Saturday. God bless the memory of Steve and all the acts of kindness that will be done in his and Christ's name!


From Rhonda in Anna:

Small gifts of inked stamps for all of Jeran's teachers plus a couple for my favorite teachers! Not much but I hope it brightens their day.


From Betty (Steve's mom, of course) in Dallas:

I have made cookies for our church staff and preschool staff and teachers.  They were taken to the church so they'll be there first thing in the morning.


From Melissa in Helotes:

Carys and I decided to make Birthday Bags in honor of Steve's 45th birthday!  It seemed fitting to decorate and fill birthday treat bags for the children at Fairweather Family Lodge, where women with mental illness and their children can live and receive life skills training, employment assistance, educational help and other supportive service.  

Each month they celebrate the birthdays of the children who live there, and everyone receives a birthday bag.  We decorated 15 bags and filled them with arts & crafts kits, activity books, pencils, hair and nail accessories, stickers, glow sticks, party supplies, crayons, kid jewelry, non-perishable snacks, personal care items and other small toys.  Carys and I had a blast choosing all the loot for the bags and cleared out the Clearance aisle at Michaels! Each bag has a '45 Acts of Kindess' tag on it.  We did all of this Sunday and I will be delivering the bags Monday.

My personal act of kindness was to respond to a FB request posted by my Helotes friend Teresa Benke a few days ago: "I used to babysit this awesome teacher Taylor Karabach! Her 3rd grade class and others at her school are in desperate need of school supplies. Therefore, I will be doing a School Supply Drive for her. PLEASE HELP! Let me know if you can contribute pencils, markers, books, construction paper, etc. Let's pay it forward! Who's in?"  

I couldn't stand the thought of students doing without the basics, so I bought about $40 worth of school supplies (filler paper, construction paper, glue sticks, pencils, index cards, scissors, plus some teacher supplies).  I put all the supplies in a bag with a '45 Acts of Kindness' tag!  Teresa is collecting supplies through mid-November so I will deliver them in a few weeks. Mrs. Karabach 
teaches at a high poverty school in Detroit and 
has a request page with more information about her school and classroom:


Katie is giving a bookmark to every child in her third-grade class.

Cooper is a giving a bookmark to every peer in his Language Arts class.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Michelle Braswell, and I am a Battalion Chief at the Missouri City Fire Department. This morning we recieved a wonderful breakfast of breakfast taco's that had a "45 Acts of Kindness" tag. I wanted to say thank you on behalf of the fire department for the suprise breakfast. The taco's were left at the front office of the Police Department, so we did not get to meet the man who delivered them. Steve shounds like he would have made an excellent fire fighter! Especially because it sounds as if he was an an active, fun loving person who enjoyed the outdoors. I regret we never got to meet. Thank you for the breakfast.