Monday, November 4, 2013

45 Acts of Kindness, Part 2

From Sharon in Dallas:

When I passed a "grumbly senior citizen" in the Albertson's today, as she made not-too-kind noises about the liter bottles of soft drinks being too high for her to reach, I stopped and asked her if I could help. And I patiently waited while she made her eight selections ... and put them in her cart. I think at first she was disappointed that I had left her without anything to grumble about.


From John in Plano:

Today I gave a Starbucks gift card to the register and asked the clerk to use it for everyone behind me until it was gone. 


From Tammy in Lubbock:

I'm going to give blood for the 45 Acts of Kindness. I know today is the day so I wanted to let you know, but I can't donate until Tuesday. My appointment is on Tuesday, Nov. 5, at 2:30.


From the Smiths in Frisco:

 We paid for the person behind us in line at Einstein Brothers Bagels!

 We took gift cards to favorite teachers !

We took treats to AWESOME third grade teachers!

We will leave a big tip for our carhop at Sonic after school today! 

Hugs and love to you, Cooper and Katie!  You can feel the love in the air to honor your sweet Steve today!! 


From Kalvin in Plano:

Slipped a donation and card into the Plano Library donation box. Libraries and librarians need our love and support!


From Laura in North Texas:

We turned a blue Monday around. I wanted to give the gift of running in Steve's memory so I found a new mom through my neighborhood Web site and passed along my jogging stroller that's logged many miles for me. We also included a gift card for running clothes.
Once we did that, we couldn't stop. So we brought warm brownies to the school administration and then gave a Chuy's gift card to a couple on our way out of the restaurant.

We paid for coffee for the car behind us. She wrote Steve's name on the cup for that person.

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